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(+92) 3315151008


Al-Noor Market Tauheedi Road Rawalpindi

People usually ask this

What if the product i want to add have no related fields ?

If you find out that you are adding product in your store and you didnot find related fields for that just send us message with the product name and other details that you want to share we will add product fields for you

Why is my registration delayed?

Sometimes your registration can be delayed because our team will go through your registration details that you provided

How can i track my order?

If you are buyer or seller and you want to cancel your order simply go in your orders screen and in pending orders section you can cancel it

How can i get money back?

If you find out the product that is delivered is not the one you ordered or is broken you have to contact us and show us an evidence after that our team will contact you and will return your money. Money will be transfered to your bank account

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